Are you seeking a stream-lined portable container that can be implemented to collect and dispose of waste water? Then portable tote holding waste tanks are what you're looking for. They allow you to properly discharge waste water at a dump station without the unwanted hassle of moving your Motorhome. Just below, informative sales pitches provide you with enlightenment of functionality, features, and accessories available with each model.

Barker Folding Tent Camper Tote-Along, 15 gallon

Barker Folding Tent Camper Tote-Along Tote Tank, 15 gallon

Remains concealed and out of site, the new low-lying Folding Tent Camper Tote-Along adheres to the ground for minimal surface clearance allowing it to remain hidden, freeing up space within your campsite. Durability isn't an issue here, made with a high-quality blow-molded polyethylene and paired with plastic and plated components, it ensures years of use. Includes 3" bayonet outlet, 5/8" I.D. drain hose, 3/4" garden hose outlet, tow bracket, heavy duty wheels, 3" sewer hose, bayonet adapter and cap.
Barker Tote-Along Portable Holding Tank

Barker Tote-Along Tanks; 5, 10, 15, 22, & 30 gallon

Sturdy, high-quality polyethylene constructed Gray/Black Water Tote Tanks are convenient, durable, and portable making waste water evacuation easy! Minimal effort is all that is required since transit is simple with the heavy duty 10" wheels. Accessories such as connection hoses, adapters, and caps are included. Featured are 5' sewer hoses and quick release pins. Also featured, capable of using any dump kit and ball hitch, the tow handles that allow you to easily pull or tow your waste to the dump station nearest you.
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Barker Tote-Along 4-wheeler Portable Holding Tank

Barker Tote-Along 4-wheel Tote Tank; 16, 25, 32, & 35 gallon

The 4-wheel design enables level towing while transporting waste for disposal. Featuring the double-wheel swivel design, maneuvering and pulling has never been so easy. You can pull in just about any direction without the hassle of lifting! Even when its time to evacuate waste water still no lifting is required since the 4-wheel tote tank comes equipped with 3" valves. Included is a tow handle, bayonet fittings, and 5' sewer and it all comes assembled, so, you can use it straight out of the box..
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Thetford Smart Tote Portable Waste Tank

Thetford Smart Tote Tanks

Thetford Smart totes are superior, with a 20% greater capacity and a design that is entirely self-contained its no surprise. Little effort is needed since having more space means fewer fill-ups and with its own containment additional accessories and parts don't need to be purchased, saving you money! Other great features equipped are PermaStore Read-connect 5' sewer hose, 4" hook-up hoses, Autostop Level Gauge and vent for guess elimination, and tow handles for increased maneuverability. 2-wheel provides leveling support in the front while the 4-wheel eliminates lifting via level towing.
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Portable Tote Waste Tank Tote-N-Stor

Tote-N-Stor, Tote Tanks; 15, 25, & 32 Gal.

Tote-N-stors are durable, portable, and convenient. Held within the featured storage compartment are fittings implemented to provide a secure connection while draining. Grey and Black Water tote tanks are compatible with Tote-N-stores making them an universal option. Caps, Adapters, tow brackets, and 3/4" hook-up hoses come included.
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